Telepresence as a Service

For as low as $20 a month you can utilize the Altrubots cutting edge telepresence software: RC Anywhere to control your robots and drones. Or allow your ROV to be controlled publically - FOR FREE!

RC Anywhere allows users to easily integrate existing or stock RC and Internet controlled drones and robots with telepresence capabilities. Our software can be used with simple APIs to quickly control your ROV anywhere else with an internt connection.
The platform is also available as a deployable platform (PaaS), in additon to the altrubots hosted Software as a Service (SaaS). The RC anywhere docker containers can be deployed to both on-premise and cloud hosts for secured control in corporate or tactical environments. RC Everywhere has connectivity options for almost every situation. WiFi, RC, Satellite and LTE are all comunication vectors that have been successfully used to provide robots and drones connectivity.
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Custom Robots and Software

Orders for custom robots, control software and animatronics are available! For purchasing inquieires and sponsorship opuritunities please reach out to us!

Custom ground solutions such as customized espruino bots starts at $150, and mini truck robots start at $1000. Laser Cannons start at $500 dollars.

Trash collecting aqua robots are available starting from $1500 dollars

Custom RTF Telepresence Drones (Indoor and Outdoor)

Other telepresesence providers charge hundreds of dollars a month for a single drone or vehicle. Altrubots offers Unlimited device plans for as low as $20 a month. FPV drones with full telepresence systems can be purchased from $500 for Micros and $1000 dollars for minis. For aerial vehicles above 250g and all fixed wing craft please contact us for pricing.

Grant Program

Want to build a bot or drone for your team, self, school or organization but dont have the cash?
Altrubots has your back (and pocketbook)! We are accepting applications on a rolling basis for funding your cool robot idea or sweet internet connected environmental "do-dad" in the range of five hundred ($500) to five thousand ($4000) dollars. Fill out the contact form for more details and to recieve a sample application.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Altrubots dominates in:


Altrubots performs and funds research on high uptime internet connected robots in cool places. Improving and experimenting on the telepresence experience allows new (and remote) prospectives to be shared around the world.



Control of remote vehicles and devices requires a stable and low latency connection for both control and video data. Altrubots uses the most advanced and industry standard formats for secure turnkey remote operations.


Taking extra interest in robots that can give back, Altrubots loves ecologically friendly robots! Robots dont have to be like scarry Terminators. They can be turned into fun games, to protect remote areas from litter and poaching.