Play Bots

Active Bots

Click the play button of a live bot to pilot it! Our fleet is here for you to save and see the whole world!

Offline Bots

These members of our fleet are taking a break from public control. Check out the cool bots that inspired the present fleet!

  • Robots are currently only pilotable by a single user at a time
  • Users get a set amount of time to control the bot during which they can use RC Everywhere to drive the bot.
  • Click the play button to start, if no one else is currently using the bot you will be taken to a page that will receive a video call from the bot.
  • Once in the bot page, turn on your bot with the key button!
  • Clicking an arrow button makes the bot go that direction. Click again to go faster in that direction.
  • The Up and Down buttons control other bot features.
  • And remember, if another user has control of the bot just try again in a few minutes when they're done.

Have Fun!