Telepresence as a Service

The software powering the Altrubots telepresence system, RC Everywhere, is offered as both PaaS and SaaS for Tele-operated remote vehicles. Our simple docker containers can be purchased by organizations or indiviuals to run a complete application on premises or in the cloud. Or - convieiently integrate your drones and robots with our public webservices to call APIs handling the creation of data and video streams with your applications and pilots. Contact us now for details on current features and to see if we can help you with your Telepresence drone, robot or monitoring needs. Solutions start as low as $20 a month!

RC Everywhere has connectivity options for almost every situation. WiFi, RC, Satellite and LTE are all comunication vectors that have been successfully used to power real robots connectivity.
< RC Everywhere can be thought of as providing the robot equivalent of a "somatic" nervous system. The rc anywhere client handles basic bot functions in absence of a user and is analgous to how your body breathes and digests food without you thinking about it. When someone wants to pilot the bot, they function as a"Somatic" system of the bot. Altrubots will continue to advance both its AI and user contol systems.

Custom Trash Robots and Software

Trash in lakes, rivers, ponds and someday oceans beware! Altrubots is here to catch ya! We want to let anyone, anywhere help save the world anytime, everywhere! By creating an expanding "army" of user owned trash cleaning robots we can crowd source a cleaner tommorow!

For purchasing inquieires and sponsorship opuritunities please reach out to us!

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Grant Program

Want to build a bot for your team, self, school or organization but dont have the cash?
Altrubots has your back (and pocketbook)! We are accepting applications on a rolling basis for funding your cool robot idea or sweet internet connected environmental "do-dad" in the range of five hundred ($500) to five thousand ($5000) dollars. Fill out the contact form for more details and to recieve a sample application.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Altrubots dominates in:


Altrubots performs and funds research on high uptime internet connected robots in cool places. Go check out our DIY page for some examples!


Control of remote vehicles and devices requires a stable and low latency connection for both control and video data. Altrubots uses the most advanced and industry standard formats for secure turnkey remote operations.


Save and see the world with real life video games that have real life results! Build cool robots for your friends and cyberpals to play with!