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Altubots makes telepresence happen for robots and drones. Telepresence - (aka "facetime" with robots) is now easy! Altrubots provides APIs to easily add telepresence to your existing FPV drones, quadcopters or robots. Dont have a bot or drone? Altrubots sells these RTF (Ready To Fly).

Additionally Altrubots is firmly commited to making and supporting robots for Altruistic purpuses. Trash collection, search and rescue, drone racing or guarding baby turtles are all wonderful possibilities to the pilots of Altrubots. Altrubots provides grants and free public bot control so you can make these sorts of projects and pitch in too! Click play to try a bot or head to our DIY blog to learn how to build your own!

Altrubots has inveted "RC Anywhere" to easily allow control of robots and drones from anywhere! These bots can be controlled indoors over wifi or LAN, as well as outdoors using standard Remote Control (RC) equipment hooked up to any computer via USB. Raspberry Pi or Windows desktops can be turned into long range, low latency drone command stations by running the RC Everywhere client program and connecting simple video and control USB dongles.

Bots and drones can be built however you like - you can even use your existing drone or robot! You can interface your creation with our open source client to control your bot how you like. Using the correct radios you can control your bots from ranges of 30+ km! Watch our video on how this works or head on over to the DIY/Solutions page to learn more.

Other telepresesence providers charge hundreds of dollars a month for a single drone or vehicle. Altrubots offers unlimited device plans for as low as $20 a month. FPV drones with full telepresence systems can be purchased from $500 for micros and $1000 dollars for minis. For aerial vehicles above 250g please contact us for pricing.

Custom ground solutions start at $150, and mini truck robots start at $1000. Laser Cannons start at $500 dollars.

Trash collecting aqua robots are available starting from $1500 dollars

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